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I have eight hives in my rural yard, all are thriving. I have noticed this year an increase in bald faced hornets around the hives, drinking from their inverted syrup bucket feeder lid edge. I would like to make a trap to lure them away, but can鈥檛 find a syrup recipe that will attract the wasps, but not attract the honey bees. All suggestions welcomed. Thx! 馃槉馃悵

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I have had good luck this week with a mix of dead bees (scraped out of the bottom of a hive) and sugar syrup in one of those WHY traps. This was worked way better than anything else I have found.

Brown sugar water apparently also works really well but I have not tried it.

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I put up two wax moth traps and the first week each one had about ten wax moths along with numerous hornets and wasps. Also several of those 1.5 inch horse flies. I put some new bait in them and in the second week they had several moths, numerous hornets and wasps and more of the big horseflies.
I change out the bait once a week.
This is the video I watched:

I used plastic juice bottles. I never found a bee in one.
The recipe:
"Here is a DIY wax moth trap and recipe.
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup vinegar
1 sliced banana peel
heat sugar,water and vinegar solution till the sugar is dissolved , let cool, pour into your trap container and place banana peel on top."
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