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Horizontal Hive Out of Scraps.

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A friend wanted to get into beekeeping, and she wanted a horizontal hive. Her husband had some old boards, so with what I got from him, and with what I had, I made this for them. Just thought I would share.

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Wow, pretty nice hive for "scraps". Wish you were my neighbor!!:lpf:
Good luck to your neighbor, and kudos on a job well done. G
That is beautiful!
Looks nice!

One point in favor of a horizontal hive over a top bar hive is that it is possible to add honey supers vertically to a horizontal hive. But with a roof style like the one shown, adding supers would be problematic.
Very cool!
Yeah Rader. I figure if it got to the point of adding supers, I could come up with some other covers.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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