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Horizontal comb structure

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I pulled brood box #2 off of one of my hives today. When I lifted the box, I discovered a large flat structure of comb between the boxes; lifting the box tore it in two.

Should I be concerned about this? (I carefully put the boxes back together, and I don't think the queen was anywhere nearby when the boxes came back together.)
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How long ago did you set up your hive? Does it have a good population of bees? Are all or most of the frames drawn out in upper box? Was there honey in that comb between the boxes?

If it was end of April to first week of May for question one, and yes for the other three....>>> If you only have two deeps [brood] now, you may need to add a honey super or two. We are coming into nectar flows for WI. and,..Minnesota. The bees need room to store it.
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