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Hopkins method

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I am not a Queen breeder but need a Queen, Lost my Queen in a package. I hope this is best forums fo this post. Called and could not get Queen replacement at this time.
I have a strong hive that I can get some new eggs from, no eggs in package. I have read about Queen rearing on this site and Bush using the Hopkins method. In my strong hive they are drawing foundation less comb. Could I move the fresh drawn comb to center of brood to encourage the Queen to lay eggs? Don’t know if I can confine Queen. Watch closely to get the right age eggs. Then move frame to my Queen less package and re-orientate as the Hopkins method suggests. Then allow the package workers to draw out the Queen cells.
Will it be a disadvantage to not destroy cells to allow for room between Queen Cells?
Or could I just grab a frame of open brood and orientate it over the Queen less hive and sort out the excess cells after formed? After formed cells should I put the frame in normal?
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Now that you mention it... I started this package with some frames from my strong hive. Today I moved a frame with eggs in the cells into the package.
For being without a Queen they were very nice and gentle when I went through the whole hive to look for a Queen and eggs. Also they were kind of dragging around on the frames. I my strong hive the workers were all moving around with a purpose. When I filled the feeder for the package they emptied in a few hours. Got to get to Sam's for a 50# bag of sugar soon.
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