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hoping my re-queening went okay

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I have requeend two of my hives with Velbets queens. One had the queen go bad and she was laying all drones so i killed her and 18 hours later intorduced one of Velberts queens. That was Wednesday. Today i check the queen cage and she had been released. Didnt bother looking for her. i guess the only true way to know will be to examine frames next week?
In my second smal hive I got as a swarm a few weeks ago i decided to requeen just purley becuase i wanted all my bees to have the same genetics and guarantee i had a young queen. I checked it today and shes almost relased but not quite. I expect by tonight or tomorrow she will be out. I also expect that hive to take to that queen just fine...i just worry about that other hive. time will tell i suppose