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Hoping for some comb

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Started 3 lbs. of Georgia "party girls" plus Queen Mary Bee on some old drawn foundation and the group has been working up two deeps pretty good. I put a medium super on top of these deeps but I stripped out two frames of wired foundation and put 3 strips of just wax foundation remnants for "starter" on each empty frame. I was hoping the girls would throw me a bone and make up some comb honey for the ol' money bag man who's financing their lavish digs. They can keep the rest for the coming winter! We'll see what happens this fall.

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Did you put the frames that you want the comb honey on the outside??
Forgive my ignorance, but why is it important to have the honey comb on the outside?

I recently shuffled things around and moved one of the honey comb, in the brood towards the middle...
Where should it be put? I bought thin sheet comb foundation and put 5 frames of it in the middle of the super a week ago. They are drawing the foundation out but I am going to check on which they are drawing more the regular duragilt or thin comb. I just peeked quickly under the covers. I will move frames if thought neccessary. Thanks for any thoughts.
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