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Evidently, the flow is still going here.

I've got two hives on watermelons down the road. I checked them tonight and one of the hives is becoming honeybound. It has a deep over a medium for a brood nest. No excluder. The deep is being filled with honey. There is a super on top of that with foundationless. Maybe one or two frames have been drawn out. They aren't doing much with it.

So I'm thinking about moving the super to in between the medium and the deep to open up space. The deep would become the new super. I know I need to pick one size box and all my new hives are all mediums. This was my first hive from when I started. I don't have any empty drawn comb. Is this a reasonable/effective way of opening up the broodnest?

Keeping bees feels a lot like playing chess. "We're going to store honey in the brood nest then get ready to swarm......Check. Your move beekeeper."
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