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Honeybee races

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I was checking some forage (winter honeysuckle) for bees in a spot where I am setting swarm traps. This is a very rural location, and I know the area well. To the best of my knoweledge there are no beeks for several miles. I had a hive in this location 2 years ago that died, but I know they cast a swarm that I missed. Saw the swarm, but by the time I got back to it with equipment, it was gone. Those bees were Italians. Working the winter honeysuckle were Italians as expected but also a very dark bodied bee, same size as Italian. Could it bee that there are some ferral bees of a different race in this area, or is it just a darker bee from the same hive as the clearly Italian looking one? I realize there's no real way for anyone to tell over an internet forum..but I'd be interested in what you think none the less. I have no real skill in telling the races apart except to know what mine look like that were sold to me as Italians. Any good pics to look at for someone wanting to learn a little more about it? I am excited about the prospect of maybe picking up some good genetics if indeed these are some ferrals that are making it without beeks.