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Honey yard spacing

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What is the accepted distance between honey producing yards? I recently heard suggested 3 to 4 miles. I am located in the northern half of Wisconsin. Does the same yard spacing apply to Eastern Texas for example and northern Wisconsin and everywhere in between?
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The main idea behind spacing yards is to limit the amount of competition for the same resources. Also, it avoids disease transmission across your apiaries. The distance is based on typical foraging range which can be as much as three miles but is usually much less.
Thank you JW, For some reason I was thinking flower density had something to do with it, for example Arizona desert compared to Dakota canola. now I realize it doesn't matter much because bees can only fly so far for resources.
The old timers kept their yards 4 miles from other hives, a rule developed before Sulfa cured AFB. The forage determines the number of hives in those yards.

Crazy Roland
Interesting and good to know. Thank you Crazy Roland
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