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honey tastes like sweet tea and lemons

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So I removed some bur comb that had been filled with honey and decided to try it, tastes great. At first it was a bit earthy, like tea, but then it has a very strong lemon flavor. It was different, but some of the best honey I've ever had.

Any idea what the sourse could be?
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These are likely Georgia Italians. You will be certain when you get into August, as the taste of Watermelon, and BBQ ribs begin to take over the hive. This will become eminent when you go out late at night and they are playing a lot of Brad Paisley, Keri Underwood, Keith Urban and other country music stars. Ohh......and hide your corn bread, and lock up your liquor cabinet.
Sounds good to me, as that is one of my favorite tastes. Yep, it's those southern Italians. Seriously, my bees were near two watermelon patches last summer, and those girls brought home tons of watermelon colored pollen. The honey was light red in color and one could taste watermelon in it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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