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Honey Supercell

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Has anyone tried this yet?
I'm always eager to try anything that will help control mites. This is expensive - unless it works.

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I've been waiting almost a year for them to get problems with the mold fixed. They said they would be shipping in May and now it's June. It's not expensive if you factor out your labor costs, foundation costs, maintenance etc for natural comb/wood frames over a period of years. The biggest drawback to Permacomb or SuperCell is the weight. the empty frames are heavy. I have a couple of hundred permacombs that the bees have learned to use quite well.
NOW IN STOCK! AND READY TO SHIP! Sorry, white only... $5. each including shipping.

Maybe I won't cut those deeps down after all.
About dam time!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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