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honey processing line

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I am setting up a honey processing line and have a couple of questions: We are putting in a Kelley sump and pump and filtering though a Mann Lake sourced filter. At what pressure should I change the filter bags?

We are then pumping the filtered honey into 2 80 gallon Kelly holding tanks. I am thinking of screwing on a 'T' to the outlet to pump the honey into the tank from the bottom to avoid incorporating air bubbles. Is this worth it, or should I just run the flexible tubing from the filter into the top of the tank and let it pour in? We will then run the honey to a semi-automatic bottler - a dosing machine.

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Personally I would pump the honey to a settling tank and after the honey has sat at about 100 degrees overnight, send it thru the filter to the bottler. Your filter is going to be constantly plugged if you set it up your way IMO but please get more opinions. My commercial experience is many years old.
At what temperature are you filtering?

What kind of pump is the Kelly pump?

Be aware that if you pipe into the bottom of hte tank, you may have a siphon action when you open the filters.

Crazy Roland
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