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Honey Prices by the drum

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We are starting to extract our spring honey and am getting requests for prices of honey by the 55 gal. drum.

Looking for input as to current honey prices, by the semi truck load and in lots of 1 to 4 drums at a time.

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What color? Flavor?

I sold light amber(LA) for $1.50 in 10 drum lot 5 wks ago. I've heard $1.60-1.70 for white in small to large lots.

Call 5 of the larger packers in the US to see what they are offering now then add $.05-$.10 a lb onto the average price they are offering.
It depends on the demand. With the short crop in my area last year honey is over $2 lb this time of the year.
We still have some left & at $1.75 a pound it is moving quite well.
No one seem to have any left over crop from last year & the smaller packers are not having any problems passing the price increase on to there customers.
Honey by the barrel is usually sold by the lb and usually has nothing to do with how many barrels you sell. I wouldn't commit to a price until you know the going rate at the time you harvest. Also the color of your honey can affect how much you can get for it so if it's really light you can get a few cents more for it then a darker amber.

Good luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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