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Honey press

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This is my first post. I am new to bees this year. I currently have 5 hives, two from cutouts and 3 from swarms. So I know just enough to be dangerous and not enough to stop me from moving forward. My question: I did a cut out last week and have about 4 gal of a five gal bucket full of comb and honey that did not make it into the new hive. There is pollen, a few scattered brood and some uncapped honey in with the capped honey. Before I crush and filter the honey do I need to remove everything that is not capped honey or can I just crush it all and filter it. I am just not sure what will taint the honey. When I get my hives to the point of a harvest I think it will be easier to pull full frames of capped honey than when you are pulling comb out of a wall and deciding what is going into a frame what gets tossed out and what goes in the honey bucket.

Thanks in advance for your replays.

Don Martin
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Don you could pull out the good parts, assuming lots of capped honey is intact. Then let your hives attack the rest picking it clean.
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