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Honey Plants

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What are good trees and flowers to plant for the bees. Was wondering what to order to plant for them. Thank's.
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Search on "planting for bees". This has been discussed MANY times.

Here's one of the longer discussions:;f=2;t=000500#000000
I can e-mail you a word file with a chart, giving you honey production for each plant/tree. To long to paste here.
Ok send to [email protected] thank's.
You should have it by now.
Daniel I think I"d like that file also. rwjedi(at)hotmail dot com (Trying to fool the bots)
I see there are more people interested, so here is where I found the information:
For those in US that are not familiar with European system, 1 ha=2.47 acres or 10000 square meters (100 x 100) and 1 kg=2.2 lb.
Hope this helps. I guess next will be to find affordable nurseries for the best producing plants/trees. I am trying seeds but it doesn't look too good.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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