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One of the latest products that seems to be without honey is Honey Molasses. A guy on another list suggested writing the 'owner' as follows:

I did write to Tony Roma by e-mail to
I asked simple questions: 1. what is honey molasses and 2. what is the
percentage of honey in the 'Carolina Honeys (TM)' BBQ sauce product?

I have not received any answer for the past 5 days. I would suggest taking a positive action, write to Tony Roma and just ask
the two simple questions as above. Instead of setting on the fence and
waiting for things to happen, Why Not we make an awareness campaign to the
companies about their misleading labeling of products.

2,000 inquiries would sure do something to his server and perhaps get his attention!

I just wrote!

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Hold on there... before marching on the corporate
headquarters armed with hive tools and smokers,
let's do some fact-checking.

A simple web search for the product name
revealed two recipes claimed to be from the
restaurant chain itself.

Both include substantial honey.

Also, the National Honey Board mentioned that
specific sauce here:

I seriously doubt that the NHB would be so
stupid as to talk about a product with "honey"
in the name that included little or no honey.

So, let's NOT mail bomb Mr. Roma's secretarial
staff until someone has a bottle in their hand
and can read the actual list of ingredients
to the rest of us.

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I was melting down some crystalized brood comb.
After taking the wax off there was this very very thick blood red burnt honey goo. It tasted sweet and smokey-ish. After reading this topic, I wonder if Honey Molasses is nothing but low moisture cooked out honey?

John Russell

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> The listed ingredient in question was "honey
> molasses" according to the bee-l post.

And oh, yes, Bee-L is a paragon of accuracy,
isn't it?

The fact that this "problem" was first announced
on Bee-L implies that one should be VERY careful
before flying off the handle about the issue, as
the specifics are nearly certain to be different
than as described on Bee-L.

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> Are you certain it is listed there?


> If so can you give more specific instructions
> on finding it?

Sigh. Must I?

"You can lead a horse to water,
but you can't make it think."

Use the MOUSE, Luke...

Scroll down until you see large reddish
check marks, then scroll to the check mark
labeled "Advertising".

Or, use your browser's "search within current
web page feature" to search for "Tony Roma".

> The original post was made by Allen Dick. I
> don't think he'd have any reason to be
> untruthful.

Neither do I. I wasn't talking about being
untruthful, I was talking about being utterly
and completely wrong, a situation with which
Allen should be extremely familiar by now.

This was a typical example - a 5 second Google
search seems to refute the claim completely.

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Well...I just took Allen at his word. So, I sent the message. Here is the reply I received:
Dear Lloyd:

According to our chef, honey molasses is a refined honey, not available for
sale. Tony Roma's recipes are proprietary information and not available for
distribution. Thank you.

Guest Relations"

So, what the hell is a refined honey? I still think we should bomb the hell out of his server as I don't see any chance this is the product of honeybees; or even made from the product of honey bees.

Sorry, Jim.

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Don't apologize to me - why not ask the NHB?

As I pointed out, they seem to endorse what Tony
Roma's is doing, and maybe they can confirm/deny
some level of honey content.

If you want to get angry about something, just
wander over to Mall-Wart, and pick up a 12 oz
Queenline bottle (complete with a bee embossed
into the plastic) of

"HoneyTree's Sugar Free Imitation Honey"
Packaged by Honeytree, Inc. Onsted MI 49265

The word "imitation" is in black print on
a deep red background, while the word
"honey" is printed in a bright contrasting yellow.

On the back, the ingredients listed are:
Malititol syrup, natural and artificial flavor,
Acesulfame K, Maltic acid.

Yum, yum! Pass the Malititol and Acesulfame K!

Yes, they are honey packers. My understanding
is that their excuse is that the product is
intended for diabetics. Uh huh, sure. Those
low-carb dieters have no impact on the marketing

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>then scroll to the check mark labeled "Advertising".

yep, there it was alright.

earlier you remarked:
" I seriously doubt that the NHB would be so
stupid as to talk about a product with "honey"
in the name that included little or no honey."

Maybe they are.....

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> Jim, you need to bring it up to date, or did I
> miss the entry on Tona Roma’s Carolina Honeys™
> BBQ sauce?

I still await a label and an ingredients list.

I live near a very small no-Starbucks town
with no local store carrying the product, so
I was hoping that folks would lend a hand,
and send in nominations for the "Wall O' Shame"
and/or "Hall O' Fame". So far, I have gotten one.

The Tony Roma's saga was yet another example of
how things can get out of hand on Bee-L, which
persists in calling itself "informed discussion",
a claim refuted more and more every day by the
actual discussions themselves.

Someone made a typo. "Honey, Molasses..." in
the product ingredients list became "Honey
Molasses". The gang on Bee-L thought they had
uncovered an "offender", when the company was
mostly blameless, or at least not guilty of
trying to create a euphemism for honey.

The fuster cluck that resulted made beekeepers
look profoundly stupid, one of the reasons why I
threw the Wall Of Shame together. If you want to
play in that space, you need to have your
facts straight. There are lots of softer
targets for prosecution, and in my view, we
should start with the ones I have designated
"The Worst of The Worst" - those with no honey
at all in the product:

I honestly think that we need a junior federal
prosecutor who wants to grow up to be Elliot
Spitzer on this project, as it seems clear
that the FFDC is being violated by at least
these "worst" products.
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