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I went to a bee meeting tonight and saw this picture of a guy selling honey and one of his bottles caught my eye.

It was a fat glass bottle with a cork. Than he dipped it in beeswax.

I like the idea but cant find the jar.

anyone have any leads?

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I believe it is called a muth jar, kind of like the old milk bottles that used the cardboard flat. I have some old milk bottles that hold a quart but they are hard to fit corks as they have a rim that stops the flat from falling into the bottle.

Muth jars don't have the rim inside and corks fit better than the milk bottles. Muth bottles are available from Brushy Mt. in 4 and 8 oz sizes.

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> Muth Jars are nice looking jars but twice the
> cost of queenline and I don't think they increase
> sales or price enough to justify the extra cost.

Never underestimate the power of elegant

Go ahead, buy some high-end jars, and put an
insanely high price on them, so that you not
only pay for the more expensive packaging,
but make more on the honey, too.

Sit them right next to your usual honey
package. But you need a "better" label,
too. Don't mess up and put a the same
label on that nice bottle.

Then sit back and watch people buy them as
gifts for the holidays and such. A jar of
honey is NOT a price-comparison issue for
anyone outside a grocery store!

Now, try going the opposite direction, and
bottle in Ball Jars, and print your label
on hand-ripped hunks of brown paper, glued
to the bottle with a thin coat of Elmer's.
Make it look as "rustic" as possible.

...and watch THOSE fly off the shelf at
prices that are 1.5 to 2 times the price
of your "standard" honey in your boring
queenline jars. Why? ITS DIFFERENT!!!

Now do you get the idea?
Everyone uses the same boring jars and labels.
It all looks the same.

Being different itself justifies a higher
price in the mind of the consumer.

Gift baskets? The labor required is
beyond me. I've never tried.

Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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I like the muth bottles. I have no trouble selling them for a lot more money. If someone wants a "bargin" on honey, they bring their own jar and I run it right out of the bucket into their jar and pass the savings (no jar to buy) on to them. These are two different markets. One is looking for a bargin, the other is looking for something that catches their eye.
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