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Hi all

I have several packages going good right now, ranging from three week old to one week old - was wondering if any other beeks in the high desert area of California know what the honey flow conditions are right now --- we had some bloom near me of various flowers but a lot have now gone dry.

I ascribe to Michael Bush's idea of not feeding unless its really needed--- I gave them all a good early start of feeding but it seems to really be getting them going with robbing/ frenetic behavior now --- On the other hand, I don't want them to be starving, either, or not fed enough to really draw out all the new foundation and get established. I'd think right now there's a pretty good honey flow and they should be okay with the kick start they got at first --- but don't want to make a mistake.

They are bringing in some pollen, but not a lot this week.

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You are asking a very location specific question about the high desert.
I can only say to plant some plants that will bloom there under the hot sun.
Cactus come to mind here. If your land is irrigated then you are in heaven because
many heat loving plants will bloom for your bees. Borage come to mind. There are many
more to try.
When in doubt do feed them instead of they robbing each others. Try an empty hive on
top with a feeder inside each hive that you are going to feed.
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