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If you find that you're dealing with "a bunch of 'suddenly crystalized' (sic ...) 'honey'" ... then ...

... might I politely ask ...

... have you been "feeding them" (sic ...) lately?


If I may be indulged for a moment "to be utterly frank," way-y-y-y too many well-intentioned beekeepers imagine that they are "doing the girls a favor" by force-feeding them rather massive amounts of ... sugar water.

Then, they "delight" that they seem to be rewarded with "massive amounts of 'honey.'"

... which ... "sugars up." (More-or-less instantly.)

Just like real honey will never do, no, not for years.

Honeybees, after all, are "merely insects." They behave according to ancient instincts which were based on the collection of food from flowers, in natural conditions that naturally ranged from bounty to dearth. Therefore, they have utterly no idea what to do with "quarts and gallons of sugary-stuff," except to "treat the 'stuff' as though it was nectar." Thus ... our sugar-water winds up capped-over in our combs, and we humans eagerly harvest it, chortling "oh what a good boy am I."

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