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HONEY BUCKETS and grades of plastic

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What exactly are the specs for food grade containers used for storing honey?
Where I work, I get pet vitamin mixes in plastic buckets marked HDPE. The vitamins are inside a plastic bag that lines the 5 gal bucket. There is no chance of bleeding of odors/taste into the plastic bucket. These come from a food/feed grade distributor of vitamins and nutrient water treatments. Wiki says HDPE is used in milk jugs but I still don't know if they could be used for honey. Anybody know?:s
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Look on the bottom of the bucket. If there's a triangle with a "2" in it and HDPE below the triangle they are food grade. I just looked at one of mine; we get them from a deli and they originally held pickles, relish, peppers, etc. Home Depot buckets have the same stamp!
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