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Honey Bound?

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Checked some hives last weekend for the 1st time,One of them was honey bound,
I run 9 frames in a 10 frame box,This one hive had a lot of honey,in 7 frames Not a lot of brood in the other 2 frames.
Messed up a lot of frames trying to remove them & also killed a lot of the bees,
I did find the queen,I put the 2 frames of brood alone with some honey & pollen frame & the queen in a 5 frame nuc,box
I've had bees along time,But have never had that much honey in the brood box.
What is some of the cause's for it? Thanks: Mark,,,,,,,,
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Maybe they hadn't started filling up the brood area and were storing more nectar than you usually see from an early flow.
Maybe a imbalance of nurse bees to foragers, maybe they're robbing a dead out.
I'd check the queen in a couple days to see if she's slowing down on you.
Maybe in your area the flow is on with more foragers than brood and not enough
space for the bees to grow. Foragers don't care as their job is to collect and collect for
the hive. On top of this some frames must been from the last winter so they are the surplus
honey. Mine don't collect much honey but lots of pollen. Honey is what I want though. You
are lucky that they give you more.
Thanks for the respond.The flow is not on here yet,But coming soon(I Hope),
It has been a week today since I've put them in the nuc,Hopefully I can check today.
It was just that I've not seen that much in one box.
RWLAW you may be right the queen may be getting slow.
maple flow was good here. Lots of nectar in the hive, they are capping it.
Mark, Was that a single deep box set up?
Mark, Was that a single deep box set up?
Yes it was.
That is possible, that the bees would do that. I run 20-30 nucs at all times, now that you have the queen in
a 5fr nuc, try putting a second 5fr deep nuc on top w/empty comb if you have it and watch what they do.
Excuse me, put 2 undrawn fd frames in the middle, and 3frames of drawn comb on the sides in that top nuc
Ok,Thanks; I'll try that,Although it will be next weekend before I'll get back. Again thanks
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