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Honey bound frames below excluder.

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Almost all my colonies have several frames deep frames solid with honey it’s becoming an issue (I think). Would it be smart to shake the frames out onto a board and let the bees rob them out in hopes they’ll move the honey up through the excluder and return these frames back to the nest or is there an issue I don’t see with this plan.
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What your main concern may be is over feeding. Consider moving the full frames into a hive body and setting it on a bottom board and placing a strong hive on top of it. Give the bees above foundation to draw and hopefully the night shift will move the contents of the full frames above the brood where they like to have it.

I remember parroting the line about honey excluders. The queen excluder is a tool and when used properly and understanding the bees inclinations, I do not believe they harm honey production at all. As long as the bees have an incentive to pass thru them, they do so just fine. My incentive is normally wet brood. The bees will start working above the excluder to tend the babies and fix the brood nest by building comb around the single frame and then they are just busy and the excluder doesn't matter to them.
I guess I would move the frames of capped honey above the excluder and put foundation if necessary in their place. I know of one commercial who as a practice moves frames of brood above the excluder to reduce crowding in the single chamber brood nest. But I think he is a workaholic, I respect that.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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