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Honey bound frames below excluder.

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Almost all my colonies have several frames deep frames solid with honey it’s becoming an issue (I think). Would it be smart to shake the frames out onto a board and let the bees rob them out in hopes they’ll move the honey up through the excluder and return these frames back to the nest or is there an issue I don’t see with this plan.
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So, I have questions:
What's going on above the excluder? Sometimes your queen excluder will become a "honey excluder" if the workers don't like to pass through it. If nothing is happening above, maybe take the excluder out. You can always put it back later. It certainly sounds like you don't need it now.

How many deep boxes are you using? (1 or 2); and -
Where are these full of honey frames located in the box? If the cluster is significantly smaller than the available brood chamber, they may just fill excess comb with food stores. If these honey-bound frames are from the sides of the box, I would leave them be.

How is the queen doing with the space she is using? Good laying pattern, lots of bees, no signs of swarming? tell us more.

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