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Wondering what regulations there are or where to find more info on selling honey in California. I live here and would like to have a local shop or two carry my honey.

Does anyone know what I need to get started? I have a business license but probably need more than that. I also visited the National Honey Board website to find out about labeling.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,
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This page on the California Homemade Food Act is worth reading:
I sell in some retail locations. If you sell under $35,000 worth, you are a cottage food industry and don't need a commercial kitchen. Above that dollar amount, you need to find a suitable facility that meets code. Otherwise, the proper label with address, net weight, grade, and name. I've had my hives certified in CA so I can sell at certified farmer's markets. That's just to say the MAN came out (he did) to check my outyards to make sure I really keep bees. But otherwise, it's pretty easy.
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