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honey bee genetics

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i am thinking of requeening a few of my grouchy minn hyg. hives with a gentel bee that will winter well and be tollerant of mites and diseases. does any one have any experience with these primorski/carnolian bees? if i dont get these i am going to get some rweaver buckfast due to the gentelness. please let me know if you have experience with either
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I just installed 3 on weds. They were shipped fast and looked good, but wont beable to tell u much for a while.
That's suprising to hear, lots of folks around here, including myself run MH's and they could not be gentler.
I run carni's. They winter very well and build up quite fast. A good race, if that's what you're looking for. I let mine breed with feral bees and they became testy. It could be the feral genetics or not. I'm not sure. At any rate, I've requeened and the new girls about where I want them, gentle wise.
i never called them agressive untill i got a batch of italians that you can pet like puppydogs. it is crazy cow gentel these bees are. i have the same queen from last year in a hive and i could never work them with out a veil. i can work these italians naked if i want"tall fence" lol but seriously, it seems that the minn hyg seem to keep guard bees flying way out from the hive and sometimes will follow you 50' or more from the hive trying to sting me. they crank out the honey but what is it worth if thay are no fun to have.
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