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Man that stuff really works. I put it in the syrup yesterday. I went to the hive today and the bees were so chillin out. I can smell the scent. So far so good.
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We've got nucs coming ... they say ... a week late already. The bottle claims you can use it in a drench or spray to calm the bees. Anybody have any experience using it to calm the girls down during the trauma of being forcibly evicted from one home and dumped into a better one?

I realize there's a brou-ha-ha here over essential oils, but we were talked into picking up a bottle, and it sounds as if it might make nuc installation and introduction to the feeder in the attic a tad smoother. The poor girls have been through enough already. Fresh off the almonds, their frames ripped from their home, and some high-falutin' California Girl recently installed as their new monarch. Hardly some settled-in overwintered nuc.
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