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Homer Simpson Creates a New Strain of Bee's

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Tonight, Friday Feb 12 @ 7PM Eastern on Ch. 8 WNYD Buffalo

In the show, Springfield's bees are all dying, and the eccentric Groundskeeper Willy laments that the same is happening to bees around the world. Lisa tries to point out how bees are beneficial in ecosystems and agriculture,
to which Homer responds that "Flowers are the painted *****s of the plant world."
A new Race of Bee's is bred by Homer. Lets see what we can learn from satire.
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I have some ideas -- Willie is the press noticing something is wrong. Lisa represents scientists recognizing the severity and impact to everything living. Homer is the current state of American breeding - taking limited resources and more limited intelligence (single discipline) to solve what Brother Adam, the Benedictine monk figured out over 50 years ago. Breeding selection requires constantly evolving introduction of new sub-species and limiting inbreeding to increase heterosis. America only has 9 of 26 breeds (including a few illegal importations since 1922), less than 200 distinct breeding queens and 88 years of inbreeding. Just cuz your aunt/granma told your sister/mom that it wuz ok to keep it in the family dernt meen it be tru! Genetic depression (result of inbreeding) alone causes exactly the symptoms we experience now. That is why Buckfast Monastery went far and wide to collect and introduce new queens and is still introducing today after his death. Brother Adam wrote three great books detailing his success with the facts to back it up.
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