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Now that I know a little about how a pollen trap works (thanks Nasalsponge) it got me thinking about the possibility of using something similar, but rather than scraping pollen off the sides of the bees, using it to scrape/brush the top of the bee to possibly remove varro mites riding on the backs of bees as they enter/exit the hive. Maybe a way to help knock them down (a little)??:scratch:

I understand the mite's complete life-cycle can take place in the hive, but again, alot of the pictures I see are mites "riding" on bee backs.

Could have a little drop-down wedge on each side of the "wire", that would dislodge the mite.

Mentioned it to the family last night and they seemed to be not impressed....of course they aren't fanatical about bees as I am!

I'm curious, can drones fit thru a pollen trap?
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