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Hiving the Bees

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Hello all,
I installed my first package of bees this past Thursday. Instead of the old bump and shake, I tried a method that I saw on youtube by Fruitguys Farm Steward program.
I removed 5 frames, secured the queen cage between two of the remaining frames with a rubber band and placed the entire bee box in the hive. Pretty much a non-event.
I opened the hive Sunday afternoon to remove the bee shipping box and check to see if the queen was released. She was not in the cage and everyone was busy. Some comb has been drawn and it appears that all is well.
Looking forward to a complete hive inspection this coming weekend.

Has anyone else used this method of installing the bees?
I have another package arriving the end of May, and was planning to use this same method of installation.
Pointers and comments are welcome.
newbee in Bartlett, TN
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Here is the link to the video that I found most helpful.
I do it about the same, Remove a few frames (3 or 4), pinch the queen container (screen side down between two frames, Pull the feeding can out of the package and invert the whole package over the front portion of the hive box and cover the remainder of the top of the hive box with the inner cover, then replace the feeder can over the center hole of the inner cover. :D
I come back to the hive a couple hours later and if the 99 % of the workers are in the hive, it's a simple matter of removing the empty package and reposition the inner cover, check the feed add a spare hive box and top. All done. Check the queen in a couple of days to see if she has been released and if not replace the hard candy plug with just a little bit of soft marshmallow.
Keep an eye on the feed. :applause:
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Thats one of the three ways I know of to do it.
1) pull the queen, put her in the hive and put the openned package in the place of a few frames.

2) dump through the hole in the top.

3) pull of one of the screens and dump them in (this is the method I prefer)
That looks too easy. I think I will do it that way next time. I think it seems less stressful on the bees. Thanks for the post. :applause:
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