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Okay, I have two packages coming same day, and another package that looks to arrive just a couple days earlier.

I have a very limited and tightly packed apiary space. I'm going to need to hive all three of the new arrivals close together in time as well as space --- I did this very successfully with my first two, but I have started to worry about drift.

I have a 'double row' situation where I can place two behind the main row -- and then one in the front row. They are about 5 inches apart.

I really do want them all to face the same direction, too.

My thought was this:

Either separating the hive boxes more with boards between them to start, or adding something to each hive box in front to make it look very different --- to really keep down the confusion. Maybe simple as setting something different on each landing board, etc.

I think I just got lucky with the first two, but one of those hives has a good deal more workers, though they are both doing great a week and a half in -- so --- not sure.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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