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Hiving another swarm

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Sheesh, I'm doing something wrong and they keep leaving me.
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Thanks, Paul. Yes, I know the trap is upside down. In fact, if you look at the vid you'll see I point that out at 0:32. They were already clustering on the fence at the post and the trap was sitting with other gear about 6 ft. away so I just flipped it upside down on the post because it was handy, still had lemongrass scent in it, and I figured it would slow them from moving on. As you can see, it worked. :)

I leave the outer cover and the inner open a couple of inches until they settle down. As long as they're fanning like crazy on the edge of the box I leave them alone to disburse pheromone. When they seem to cease and I don't see that Nasonov gland exposed I button 'em up.
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