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Hiving a Swarm

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Hello Guys!

I am a beginner beekeper and I need your help.
I find a swarm of bees in a tree near my apiary.I catch the swarm and put the bees in brood box.
I filled the brood box with new foundations and now I have all the swarm in the brood box under the tree.
What can I do now??
I want to send this brood box to my apiary nearby.Can you give me your ideas so I can save this swarm and how I can put the brood box in my apiary??
Thank you guys.
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If the swarm trap is in a location where you can leave it alone for a few days (before moving it) until they have brood, that should encourage the bees to stay in the box after the move.

I would close off the hive entrance with screen at/after dusk when the foragers are back in the hive and move it to your new location. After you remove the screen, partially block the entrance with some brush to encourage the bees to re-orient to the new location. More here:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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