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I am in my second year as a beekeeper. I have hived 4 packages with zero absconding.
I agree with typhoontx for the most part.
I did not use a bar of open brood, but I hear it is great.
1st year I did not use old brood comb, but I did the second year.
I did not have wax to coat the inside of the hive body, I used a coat of shellac.
I do not have screened bottoms, but if you do make sure they are closed tight.
1st year I direct released the queens, due to how long they spent in the package together. 2nd year I hung the queen cage for 3 days.
I do not use a divider board.
I fed 1:1 sugar syrup until a nectar flow started, baggie feeder.
I closed all entrances except a single 1 inch hole.
I did the install in the late afternoon.

My ktbh hives are the same dimensions as Wyatt A. Mangum (Ph.D.), as outlined in his book.
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