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hiving a chimney swarm

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My next door neighbor had some bees living in his chimney. Not in the main flue,but in some kind of a blind side flue opening at the roof that he covered using an 8 inch by 8 inch piece of plywood. He had nailed a 24 inch piece of 4x6 to the plywood for weight, then inserted the 4x6 into the hole which added weight to the cover. He did this to keep water out of the hole.

Bees then discovered an opening and took up residence in there. We pulled the cap off the opening (some propolis was gluing it down), and the 4x6 was covered with comb and bees, and there were several lobes of comb hanging from the bottom of the plywood too. Not being prepared any other way, we put he whole mess into a plastic garbage can and covered it at 5 pm today. I put a deep with ten frames of un-drawn plastic foundation on the chimney hoping to catch the bees that were returning but could not get into the flue because we plugged it.

I'd like to hive this thing and put it next door with my other two hives but how to do it?