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Hives return from the almonds 2010

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Bees returned from the almonds really strong this year. Getting ready to put an excluder and a deep on them to give them some room.
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cant complain about hives like that
WOW!!! Greg looking hives. If you need help with the over crowding send some to me. South Carolina:applause:

Nice hives Greg.
Do you rent them as singles in the almonds?

Those look great! Where are they right now? Tx?

Those are nice an strong, whats next for them?
Are they Carniolan?
NICE, really nice looken bees & equipment.
GREAT looking bees!!!
Way to much " white " equiptment!!!
Looks like a bunch of splitting to do there & real soon or the trees may be there new home.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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