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Seems that would be good info to go along with swarms and bloom dates.
If you have a swarm(s) leave a hive that is on scales you can then get a good understanding of how many bees left and how many stayed. Would it show a sharp decline in weight 24 to 48 because of the bees that will swarm are packing in honey reserves? Perhaps that couldn't be known until the bees leave as the honey while not in the comb, is still in the hive, just in another place.

I don't know how many beeks on this site have scales under their hives but I feel sure that there are quite a few. Just purchased mine last week. Want to clean them up and set out one of them on a hive hopefully in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Just a little more info for us beeks to be able to "ponder over" and make sense.

I don't think beeks are as bad as baseball fans when it comes to statistics but they probably run a close second.
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