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Hive swarmed in front of my eyese today

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One of my hives swarmed today as I watched, it looked like someone was pouring water out of a boot as the bees were leaving the hive, then they all swarmed in my yard, and perched themselves about 8 feet up in a pine tree for the evening.
The size is about a volley ball.
So here is my plan of attack, I've already placed a tarp and a deep below the swarm, it has a base and a lid, I put some honey and some bee healthy on some of the frames.
Here is my question, should I try to trap them, or use a ladder and cut the branch off and put them in the deep?
Comments welcomed!

I already have 6 hives didn't want anymore, but oh well!
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Shake them in to a garbage can and then dump them in the hive . Give them a frame of brood if ya have it .
Good luck.
I think I would get the ladder and cut the branch ,or if possible use a 5 gallon bucket , come up from the bottom with the bucket and smack the branch.
I had two of mine swarm while I watched this week, One Friday landed in the apple tree about 6 ft. up and used the bucket on them. and the one this morning about 11:00
landed about 30 ft. up in a box elder tree. laid down a sheet under them the best I could and got a deep ready I put that at the edge of the sheet with 5 frame out of
the center . went in and got the 12 gauge Ithaca deer slayer and BAM !! bees fell , branch came down and I think I got lucky and the queen must of fell into the
deep because the bees started landing in the box and the ones on the sheet were marching in.30 minutes later all was quiet.
I always wanted to do that :) But think the neighbor lady who was washing her car shatt her pants a little.
I always wanted to do that :) But think the neighbor lady who was washing her car shatt her pants a little.
LoL! That's one helluva way to get a swarm down. We had ours swarm out yesterday, went about 40' up an Oak tree. While I'm spending time plotting and planning how to get a ladder, climb the tree and capture them, they take off and head back into the box. WE got lucky. And they got split. Sounds like you might owe the neighbor lady a jar of honey.
That's OK, as long as it was just a LITTLE...LOLOL....if it was more than just a little you owe her a jar of honey, ear plugs and a $25 gift certificate to JC penney.....LOLOL....

A beekeeper from Nepal told us that if you are fortunate enough to be there when the bees are leaving the box get the garden hose w spray nozzle if available and start spraying them and this will usually tree them low. If water is not available, as is the norm in the villages he works, they toss handfuls of sand into the swarm. I haven't tried this but I plan to when given the chance.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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