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Hive stand questions?

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How many inches does the hive have to be off the ground to prevent Skunks from bothering the hives? I'm asking because LePew was in the garage looking for cat food last night, it knows how to use the pet door. I have 2 choices as to where to put my hives- one is back by the edge of the woods, not too far from the skunk burrows. or#2 up by the barn, skunk goes there also, to get barn cat food. I have lots of pallets, so I was just going to cut down & stack a couple to put the hives on. Also how far apart should the hives be placed on the pallet? My hive stands all have solid or "winter" bottom bases.
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It's not the hive, it's the entrance. 8" will probably work. My hives are all 3 1/2" but the entrances are at the top.
Find a carpet layer and trade him a 6 pack for a handful of tack strips.
I usually go at least 8" or more by using cinder blocks. That height will expose the tender underside of the skunk and they don't like to be stung there. Otherwise they can stand in front of the hive and munch out as long as they please.
I have a box of new tack strips in the attic that came with the house, I was going to donate them to the ReStore. I keep telling my self, "I will NOT turn into a hoarder." & "Skunks and moles eat grubs, they are beneficial"
Hey jellyB: not hijacking you post,But I just noticed you are from Lorain,I drive a truck(home now due to back)anyway I had a load to Lorain,When my back gave out.I'll be running up there off & on all summer to us steel.
When you drive as many places I go it is a small world.Mark,,,,,,
Stay positive... Skunks are awesome and very erroneously hated.
We moved all our hives to a new location last year and when I built the stands I put the hives about a foot off the ground. I'm way out in the country now so I was concerned about critters when I did it. Turns out it was a good thing. After the week of rain last week I went out and there was a lake, about an acre in size and literally 10 inches deep. Guess I'll be looking for a new place to set up...once things dry up a bit.
Yeah, I found the tack strips in a box marked donate. They're brand new, now I have a lifetime supply. I would never kill a skunk, we used to have an albino skunk as a pet, VERY smart and they really enjoy eating grubs, they also live a very long time.
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