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I had 4 out of 4 hives make it through our Minnesota winter, 3 of them looked really good to start with. So good, in fact, that I decided to do the easy overnight split with moving 6 or 7 capped and fresh brood combs to an empty super and letting the nurse bees migrate up there. Moved those splits to a new location, with fresh new queens this week and good coverage of the brood by the nurses.

In order to make sure I hadn't inadvertently killed the queens in the donor hives, I checked for fresh eggs and did indeed find them in a good pattern. However, I'm still seeing lots of bees and coming across some more uncapped swarm cells ( a few in one hive had them swimming in royal jelly) after I had knocked down the previous ones. I did replace the full brood combs with empty drawn comb. Did I mention that I have 4 deeps already? I recall reading somewhere that having too many boxes dilutes the queen's scent, and the workers start making queen cells.

I'd like to have enough staff in the hives for the flow in about 4 weeks, so I don't know if making another split is a good idea at this juncture. I leave for a week-long vacation tomorrow, so I really can't do much more. I set out a few bait hives in the off-chance they decide to swarm.

I wonder if I should have relocated the old queen with the split, then requeened the donor hive with a fresh one/ vs letting them make a new one.. The consensus amongst the several utube posts was to either leave the split to make their own queen or requeen. Now I'm second-guessing myself on my splitting decision. Any thoughts on this?
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