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hive seems aggresive

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okay so IM going on my 3rd year keeping bees

only have 2 hives so Im not overwhelmed

Just curious as the winter has passed I opened her up to inspect and they seem really really jumpy

I got stung twice that day and once today when I gave them a bottom board feeder

Just wondered if its typical early in spring?

or what it could be

they seemed disturbed at the introduction of the bottom board feeder

I didnt smoke just slid it SLOWLY into place and they came out super fast and buzzed all over then were all over the thing
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yeah, had that about three weeks ago, I think they will calm down. Crazy weather isnt helping that is for sure. I think they are as confused as I
Check and see if you have any unwanted visitors at night like ***** or skunks and even a possum
Every other year or so, one of my hives gets mean. The first time I gave the girls away along with their polystyrene hive. They are now in north central PA with an electric fence protecting the bears.

The second time the inspector got stung 50 times. I warned him and even had a bee suit hanging from the caution sign. he specifically came sparsely equipped to avoid cross contamination. I later received a lab report showing no African hybrid. I queen-less split that hive and my buddy made off with her highness. He likes tough girls and these smoked Lucky Strikes.

After the split, they calmed down and were like the rest.

A trusted codger explained that when bees are short on honey and nectar is sparse they get defensive. I notice outside of the honey flow, the back yard becomes useless. The same hive won't pay you any mind in the middle of the honey flow. I now work my 5 hives in the evening so that they can settle down by morning. All mine are from swarms.

Some say aggressive bees are more productive.
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Don't call them aggresive if there is no flow and you are not using smoke. It is called defensive.
Plus what is the temp there? Just because bees are flying does not mean the cluster has broken completely up, they do not like to be disturbed while clustered, at least mine don't....VERY defensive.
How would you feel if someone let cold air in? I got caught with the no smoke lesson in January. "An ounce of prevention . . .
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