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Hive scent made into a cologne/perfume

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For me, part of the joy of sitting in my apiary, watching the bees, is smelling that hive smell. I can't pin down what it's made of. I guess a combination of wood, honey, pollen, wax, bee bread, fermentation, the bees themselves, something else small and unseen?

Maybe I'll begin a Kickstarter to get that smell artificially replicated into a cologne or perfume and call it The Hive and sell it for $40 per 5oz bottle. It would be fun to market this. You can design the glass that contains it into the shape of a bee or skeps, etc. Once it takes off you can then make The Hive shampoos and soaps, etc.

Of course you would have to run tests to make sure the scent isn't a bee attractant. I probably would not sell many units if clouds of bees follow people around! :D
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Go for it!! If it does not attract Bees ,the ladies will love it. If it attracts bees ,the beekeepers will buy it! A win -win situation any way you go!
Best smell ever! I have always wanted to find a way to bottle it. Especially in the winter when I'm having bee withdrawals.
Even though I do most of my beekeeping on a 4- wheeler I often keep my suit and gloves in the truck.

While I dont buy air freshners I would buy this one.
Someone was selling bee air therapy... so why not?
I love the smell of a swarm or the smell of honey being ripened in the spring.
It's interesting - the sink i wash my hands in after inspecting the bees is in the laundry room. Every now and then, i'd swear i smell the hives in that sink. It's such a nice fragrance!
I just remembered that I'm too lazy to get this business idea up and running so to you guys, feel free to take this ball and run with it. All I ask is for 10% :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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