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hive scale with a manual forklift + digital hanging scale?

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I have been away for many years and even the computer wont remember me today...

I know there were many threads here about electronic scales, but I do not think i have time to build that many (need 20-30). so to help with my students weighing all my hives daily I thought perhaps modifying a manual forklift (removing the cable and put in place a hanging scale that is digital) would be the fastest.

Instead of blindly doing it, I thought it might safer if someone has done it before? I could use your same models if you had experimented them already.

for example, I am a bit afraid if a particular model of forklift might not have a movable cable to which it can be easily removed and put a hanging scale in its place...

I once saw a youtube video of someone using a hive lifter, but it was home made.

Thanks for any inputs,

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a typical forklift would look like this and cost 0.5-0.6k. This would not require two people to operate so it should increase efficiency? I just do not know if there is enough resistance on the slide (lift) to make the weighing not accurate, and also if it is even possible to add a scale somewhere...

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I found the video which shows a device with the ability to weigh... but the device was home made.

anybody here handy enough to make one for me? (with pay for your time and material, of course).
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