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It finally stopped either being frozen or raining, so I was able to take apart my dead hive and take a look/shake out all the dead bees.

I noticed a couple new things as I did this:

1) Many of the combs have white mold on them. not surprising since its been so wet and there were no (living) bees for the past couple weeks. Is it okay to give moldy comb to my new package of bees? Will they clean it up? Is it somehow bad?

2) After examining the cluster (what was left) I found that most of the bees had several spots of bee poop on them and there was poop scattered everywhere. Is this normal for winter? (edit: It may be flakes of wax too. hard for me to say for sure. I've added a picture below)

3) I found eggs, and some larvae near the cluster. they all looked pretty young though. I also found capped brood under the cluster in places, with some in the process of emerging. Is that normal for winter? Was that a good or bad sign?

4) Now that I have access to my hive without it flooding, what should I do with the frames I want to keep? leave them outside? garage? other?
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