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Hive placement

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I have limited space at one of my locations. What are thoughts/experiences on placing hives in parallel lines maybe 4 feet apart? Choice would either bee have them facing the same direction (south) and having the rear set fly over the front set or have the rear set facing north. Would drifting be an issue?
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Go take a look at the various ways people are placing their hives Great Thread HERE.
Like Jackam mentioned, lots of examples in that thread.

How many hives are you talking about? I've seen large apiaries with hives lined up several (many) rows deep. I would anticipate a good bit of drifting which could help equalize some hives but could do the opposite, too, I suppose. My concern, as a hobbyist, would be standing in the beeline of the hives on the back rows while working the front hives. What about a circle...hives could face inward or outward (just thinking outside the box, I guess ;) ).

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Really don't have enough room for a circle, can only go 6 or so hives wide but maybe 3 rows deep. Usually try to have them facing south or east.
I don't know if it will matter but you might try lining them up in a staggered fashion so as to give the bees in the rear hives somewhat of a clear flightpath in front of the hives...

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