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Something that was suggested to me by Gareth -an experienced Canadian beek on the Biobees forum - to stop robbing really worked well: Switching the positions of the robbing colony with the one that is being robbed in the midst of it going on (if you are lucky enough to be there or if you know which ones they are. I was lucky enough to be there while it was happening.). I ended up with two very strong populous colonies, a bunch of confused bees, and I hoped I stopped the pattern of robbing.

My question is this:
Since the results are so dramatic - a weaker, less populous colony increasing its stores and also its number of bees, can this technique be used to help out weaker colonies in general?

Is there some sort of risk in doing so? I'd love to balance out my two slow going, weaker nucs by switching places with my two stronger colonies.

And if this is a reliable, rather risk free technique, why isn't it used instead of going through the efforts of combining a strong with a weak? Thanks.
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