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I would let the queen cell hatch. It will also give your bees a mite break due to the mites not having any brood to attach to. I have accidently killed queens in the past. They will build a queen cell wherever the best eggs are located after they realize the queen is gone. It doesnt matter where on the frames, supercedure or swarm cell normal spots, you find the cells. If you cant find the queen and you see no eggs/young larva then you are probably correct in not having a queen.

The open queen cells... Do they look like they have chewed open (rough around the edges) or just not capped yet?

You could, as others have mentioned, move the capped cells to a nuc and buy a queen for the "mother" hive. It will double your chances and hopefully you will increase your hives. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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