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I've had the bees for 2/3 months or so. One hive has 2 brood boxes and a super. The other is a very small captured swarm (I captured it in my yard about 2 weeks after I got the first box from a friend. Different bees) Captured swarm is easy to inspect (3 frames of bees). The larger hive is not as easy as it is larger...

I have looked in the second brood box a few times before adding the super (by pulling a few frames) and everything seems to be going well. Brood, comb building, nice pattern to the laying, etc...

Now it's been a couple of weeks since I added the super and excluder. No work on the super so I pulled a frame from the top brood box and added it to the super to help get it started. That was 4 days ago. Opened the top today and the comb building has started. I have several frames of comb started now.

It's been a few weeks since I inspected below. Should I break it down and pull frames from the bottom box to inspect what is going on in there? What am I looking for and what should I want to see when in there? I'm trying to look for problems but don't know what to expect. I'll clean wax from the bottoms/tops of the frames and the sides of the boxes too. Am I looking for different types of cells and should I expect to find some?

Sorry for all the questions but I am nervous about this one since there are lots of bees and I have yet to do a full inspection on the bottom box since adding the second and the super.
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