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I have 2 hives. A package and a NUC.

Hive 1. The package. Queen release from cage 1 week ago today. Appears to be honey and pollen, but no brood. Lot's of comb building activity. If somebody sees brood chambers, please let me know

Made the mistake of removing the queen cage. Hoping they can fill the gap in the comb that came out. Fortunely there were only a couple of cells with pollen.
Not sure if I got a picture of the queen in this photo.
Bee Honeycomb Honeybee Beehive Insect

Looks like mostly pollen. Couple of honey cells in lower left
Bee Beehive Honeybee Honeycomb Membrane-winged insect

Looks like mostly pollen
Bee Beehive Pattern Honeycomb Honeybee

Hive 2. The NUC. 2 weeks in the new hive. About 6 weeks old in total. Had 3 build out frames with a 4th started when I got it. Now has 5 frames built out 6 close to complete and small comb activity on 7. Moved Frame 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 and 7 to 8 and 8 to 7.

When should I consider adding another super?

Guessing Brood?
Bee Honeybee Beehive Honeycomb Membrane-winged insect

Guessing Honey?
Bee Honeybee Beehive Insect Honeycomb

A little bit of everything in the next 3. A little perplexed at the odd comb activity.
Bee Honeycomb Beehive Honeybee Insect

Bee Honeycomb Beehive Honeybee Insect

Honeycomb Bee Beehive Insect Pattern

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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They all look fine to me except the fins they are building on your plastic foundation. Those I would scrap off before they get worse...

6, 7, 8 have a lot of fins where the comb is at right angles to the foundation.
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