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Hive entrance confusion.

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I installed a 3 pound package (from a working hive) of Italians with queen about 5 days ago. Feeding 2:1 syrup with Fumagillin-B. Everything seems to be off to a good start.

Very few bees want to use the reduced bottom entrance. They are content using the small gap in the plastic cover of my Walter Kelley hive. I also observe a LOT of traffic around this entrance, much like a well established hive.

Should I try and locate an outer cover that fits better or should i just consider this a top entrance hive?

Any ideas?
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I prefer to wait until I have at least a box and a half of bees in it. but usually the rule of thumb is when they seem to be getting backed up with traffic at the entrance. as the first box gets full I use the bigger opening, and then wait to do full removal.
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