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5 ,8 ,10 frame, and long Lang
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From what I've read, comb honey sounds like something I'd be interested in learning more about, but I do understand there's some skill involved. And I was leaning towards the "crush and strain" method as well with either style.

For comb or C%S if you leave a bit at the top and taper it , the "strip installation" for the next year is a step you can skip, I do extract the frame any way to get the last bit out. Setting it upside down on a sheet cake pan, over night would accomplish the same thing.

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so I cut about an inch off the top bar, then taper it like 30 degrees to a somewhat point at the bottom.
Then extract or drain over a pan.
Saves a step in the spring, get virtually the same honey. if the comb is wonky cut it all out and clean , and replace the strip.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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